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Here at Scruffy and Fluffy, we like to take our time and get to know each doggy client and their human to understand individual needs and style. We offer a free consultation for new clients so you can get to know us and we can offer a custom groom package based on breed and requirements. 

We offer a range of grooming options, tailored for tiny paws to our longtime companions. Taking time to make sure their experience is like a day at the spa for us. 

We are pleased to be using 'The dog and i' all natural and chemical free products made on the Dorset coast. They smell divine and leave even our most sensitive skinned dogs feeling clean and fluffy without irritation. 



We understand little paws! It can be a daunting experiencing with new sounds, smells and sensations. With Scruffy and Fluffy it’s important to us that your puppy feels safe and secure for their first groom. 

We offer a special Puppy’s First Groom option, so over several smaller visits your puppy can get used to the grooming experience. We start with a gentle wash, brush and blow dry and progress from there. This will help them to grow confidence and build trust within the grooming room. We believe that building a relationship with a puppy/dog is really important within the dog world but more so in the grooming room.



Emmi- Pet is an ultra soinic teeth cleaning service. It works using nano bubbles to get up under the gum line and break down the plaque and tartar build- up. 

It is not a cure to tooth decay but it is a prevention. 

We believe that oral hygiene is really important for a dog. 

Here at Scruffy at Fluffy we offer a teeth cleaning service to help maintain your dogs oral higeine. There are many reasons why dogs teeth decay and rot so quickly in some dogs.

Here are some reasons why:

A high sugar diet-

  • Check the ingredients in your dogs daily food, you will be surprised just how much sugar is in many of them.

  • Dog treats and dental chews again many of them are very high in sugar.

  • Raw fruit and veg can also be very high in sugar.

Sugared foods should be limited to keep your pups teeth and body healthy.

Health problems​ 

  • Sometimes a dogs illness can go unknown for sometime, but one of the signs that a dog is ill will be bad breath. By keeping your dogs teeth clean you can help look after their insides too.


  • Can be a a huge factor into causing decay in the teeth

Did you know that if your dogs teeth become bad and built up with decay it can cause damage and disease to the gums. It can also damage some of their organs. 



When our fluffy companion starts to find things a little more difficult, we as pawrents naturally worry about how they will cope at the groomers and will it stress them out to much. 

Here at Scruffy and Fluffy we take all of this into consideration and try and make their grooming experience as enjoyable as possible. 

Making it a little easier. 

  • Taking things that little bit slower, at a speed that they are comfortable with 

  • We like to talk to them confidence that they are safe

  • We have lifting aids to help take some of the weight from their legs and steady them if wobbly.

  • And of course lots of free hugs.



Our Scruffy and Fluffy dog walking service takes us on some real adventures. When we are out, we try to find as many new adventures as possible.

This could take us to the beach to play in the sea and roll in the sand or maybe across the southdown to take in some of the beautiful views we have here on the south coast. Putting our wellies on and heading up the woods is one of our adventures we most look forward to.

We believe that different environmental enrichment is great for all dogs. It keeps their mind active and mixes it up for them. 

On a typical day out walking, the dogs can expect to have the best time playing and socialising with other dogs.



Stylish hand-made dog collars, leads, blankets, sleeping bags and harnesses just for your four-legged friend! We hand craft every piece, so you can choose the material, style and size to suit your dog.

Keep a look out on our social media for new and exciting thing being released or get in touch to discuss your ideas for a custom design - we love a style challenge.

We can also arrange postal delivery of accessories in the UK - perfect for dog lovers presents for birthdays and Christmas!